About Us

Pallets of kiln-dried hardwood for frame parts
Pallets of kiln-dried hardwood for frame parts
Conveyor belt with chair frames
Chair frames on the assembly line ready to be upholstered

Buying furniture online shouldn’t be a frustrating experience that limits your choice. We offer custom, American-made seating in over 200 fabrics and leathers delivered to your door. Create the perfect furniture for your space with That’s My Seat!

Through our unique relationship with an established US based upholstery manufacturer, That’s My Seat delivers build-to-order furniture with more choice of fabrics, leathers, and wood finishes than any of our competitors. And we do it all in 15 days or less with free shipping. Always!

Every That’s My Seat chair or recliner includes precisely built component parts, including domestically sourced hardwoods cut to exact specifications. The finished product is individually inspected by experienced crafts people to ensure quality.

Thats My Seat warehouse with American Flag
Quality American-made furniture
Furniture press for covers
Laser fabric cutting machine




A quick browser search for furniture will reveal a screen full of similar looking furniture. That’s My Seat has contemporary, traditional, plain, fussy, etc…giving you stylistic choices! Don’t settle for someone else’s definition of style. We are committed to providing a spectrum of options so that every space takes on its own unique look and feel. 


Our commitment to our customers is full circle, extending through the entire purchase process. If you’re unsatisfied with any portion of your online furniture shopping experience, we want to hear from you. Read our return and refund policies here.