Due to unprecedented demand, our production times have increased. Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery of your built-to-order custom furniture.


Recliners are the quintessential living room comfort furniture. Combining over 200 fabric choices with multiple reclining mechanism options and 40+ different styles means That’s My Seat offers more recliner options. All our reclining chairs feature solid hardwood frames, domestically produced all-steel mechanisms, and the outstanding craftsmanship of over 50 years of furniture manufacturing expertise.

Thats My Seat recliners are designed with comfort in mind, featuring proprietary seating technology, including a customized blend of blown fibers, high-resiliency dacron-wrapped foam, and American designed and built reclining mechanisms.

Manual Recliners operate via a handle located on the outside below the arm, or nestled between the inside of the arm and seat cushion depending on the model. The handle is connected to a direct-drive shaft which connects to both sides of the mechanism and equalizes the torque, leading to more reliable long-term performance. While simple to operate, manual recliners are more limited in terms of positioning.

Power Recliners operated via a corded wand, or button panel located on the outside below the arm, based on model. The hand control plugs directly into a reliable motor, which drives the reclining function of the chair. All power recliners operate to the “television-position” prior to the back beginning to recline. While slightly heavier and requiring the use of a electrical plug, power recliners offer a more customizable seating experience, as they can be positioned